Allan Hardy
Producer. Director. Cinematographer. Editor

Supercheap Auto 'Octane Island'


Supercheap Auto 'Octane Island' TVC and viral video campaign.


Allan Hardy ACS


Cameron Batten


Ariel Verri


Supercheap Auto entrusted Allan Hardy & his team to develop and execute the creative for their latest ‘Best Performing Oils’ and 'Car Care' campaigns.

‘Octane Island’ was brought to life to give Supercheap Auto the ability to house two seperate campaigns within the one creative.

Allans team managed the production from end-to-end, including...

- Developing all creative.

- Securing Hollywood actor Danny Trejo as feature talent in the Oils campaign.

- Develop intricate music collaboration between Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bliss n Eso to re-create the iconic ‘Fortunate Son’ soundtrack.

- Source the unique locations including Hashima Island, Japan and the Wangi Wangi Power Station.

- Securing #1 selling Australian musician Max 'Eso' Mackinnon as feature talent for the Car Care campaign.

- Manage all of the included motorsport, vehicles, stunt and safety elements of the project.

- Execute all required 3D and visual effects in-house.

- Deliver final TVC's, artwork and photography elements required for the campaign.


4 x TVC

2 x Viral Online Features

Bliss n Eso Music Video & Soundtrack

3 x Film Posters

Photography & Design Package

4 x BTS Video Package